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The Excellent Motorola Atrix-The Complete Mobile Phone

Press release   •   Feb 13, 2011 11:23 GMT

Mobile phone manufacturer Motorola have showcased the latest addition to their range, the superb Atrix. The key thing about this model is that it is everything you would expect from a mobile phone, and then a little bit more, almost like a total home computer and entertainment system rolled into one.

A very important aspect of this phone is that the functionality is not restricted to the handset itself, thanks to a series of different docking stations, the Atrix can become pretty much anything you want it to be. The familiar desktop station is fairly universally standard, but when you look at the other two options is when things become a bit more exciting. Fans of video and photographs will appreciate the multi media dock. This not only enables a variety of peripheral devices to be connected to the phone such as a keyboard, but also makes connection to a large screen television easy thanks to the HDMI port. The phone even offers a different interface for when it is rigged up to this station, the "Entertainment Centre" option providing a visually stunning and user friendly portal to access all of your media files. Perhaps more impressive is the dock that turns the phone into a laptop. An 11.6inch display along with a keypad are joined by stereo speakers, a trackpad and battery. The phone is essentially the engine providing all the data to the large screen, with the Webtop option helping display everything as you would expect to find it on any stand alone laptop. In fact the phone even sports a full Firefox internet browser for the perfct mobile web surfing experience.

Forgetting all of the additional extras for a second, at its core the Motorola Atrix is as good a mobile phone as you are likely to find. The manufacturers have put a lot of thought into this model so the user experience is on a par with the likes of the iPhone and the HTC Desire HD. This is one of the fastest phones available, thanks to a 1Ghz processor which is also dual core. This makes features such as the multi tasking superb, and also enable the phone to easily handle the WebTop feature mentioned earlier. Where such power can place great strain on battery life, Motorola have compensated for this by adding a 1930mAh battery in this model which should give several days of life with average use. The Atrix includes a qHD screen that displays a resolution only bettered by the Retina display developed by apple. The capacitive touchscreen offers 960 x 540 quality.

Motorola look destined to find great success with this excellent new model. As a phone the unit is great, take into account the extra functionality that the docking stations provide and you do have a truly ground breaking piece of technology.

The Motorola Atrix and the LG Optimus Chic are coming soon.

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