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The Excellent Motorola Atrix With Great Multi Media Features

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2011 10:24 GMT

Motorola look set to push themselves alongside the likes of HTC and Apple with the announcement of their flagship handset, the Atrix. Being the top model in the range, you expect the phone to boast some excellent features and functionality; however the Atrix goes beyond the call of duty with breath taking performance and features that make this more than your average mobile phone. If you were impressed with the Milestone 2, then be prepared to be blown away by this handset.

The Atrix operates at great speed thanks to a processor chip clocked at 1Ghz. Not content with just offering superb performance, the chip also is dual core, meaning multi-tasking need no longer slow down proceedings. Storage capacity is good at 16GB, which should prove ample for the average user, however anybody looking to extensively use the multi -media facilities may want to consider adding an additional SD card, which the phone supports in sizes up to 32GB. The powerful processor can place great stain on the phones battery, so Motorola have wisely opted for a 1930mAh cell in this model, far exceeding the size found on most smartphones such as the HTC 7 Mozart and the Nokia N8.

The Motorola Atrix has two exceptional features going for it, one that is common with all phones, and one which is fairly unique. Every smart phone incorporates a screen, but very few have one that can match the qHD quality on offer on the Atrix. The display measures 4 inches, making it perfect for viewing all manner of materials, and thanks to a high 960 x 540 resolution, the quality is superb. Quite whether it matches the retina display remains to be scene, but it certainly eclipses models such as the Galaxy S from Samsung, a phone renowned for its great display. The unique feature of this phone is the range of docks that can be added to this model, changing it in to either a laptop or a multi- media centre. The real eye catcher is the laptop version, sporting a good quality LCD screen together with a full keyboard and a trackpad. Thanks to use of its own battery it does not drain the phone quickly, merely relying upon the Atrix for its processor, connectivity and media. The multi-media dock is perfect for linking your phone to your home entertainment system, featuring multiple USB ports and an HDMI connection perfect for high definition transfer.

Motorola may well have hit the jackpot with the Atrix. The phone looks great and boasts superb user friendliness and responsiveness. Add in to the equation the accessories on offer and you have a phone that sets the standard for other brands to follow.

The Motorola Atrix and the LG Optimus 7Q are coming soon.

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