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The Excellent Nexus S From Google Released On All Major Networks

Press release   •   Feb 14, 2011 09:30 GMT

Internet giants Google have enlisted the help of Samsung for the latest in their impressive range of Nexus handsets. This means that the new Nexus S incorporates superb technology such as a super AMOLED screen along with the latest 2.3 Android OS, all wrapped up in a very stylish body.

Two cameras are fitted on this new handset, so you can benefit from not only the traditional rear camera but also a secondary front facing unit. The main camera on the back of the phone offers a great quality of image thanks to the 2560 x 1920 resolution. This equates to 5 mega pixels, bringing the phone into line with what has become the smartphone standard resolution. The Nexus S also offers a good LED flash feature, enabling you to take perfect photographs even when lighting conditions are less than ideal. This flash also doubles as a light for when you choose to make video recordings. The second camera on the phone offers VGA quality at 680 x 480 pixels. Although this is not great resolution, it does its job as a perfect self portrait snapper or for video calling. If you a looking to film a video clip, the Nexus does so at an impressive frame rate of 30 per second whilst capturing WVGA quality. Music wise the phone is an able portable audio player, offering the benefit of a 3.5mm audio socket as well as the ability to handle a multitude of formats, including the likes of MP3 and WAV. The handset offers a large internal storage capacity of 16GB, however the absence of a microSD card slot does stand out.

The Google Nexus S phone is certainly a very speedy handset. Every task that you ask the phone to perform is done so at great speed thanks to a hefty ARM A8 Cortex 1Ghz processor that sits at the heart of the action. This is really a top end processor, and similar size to those found in new models such as the excellent HTC HD7. The unit also offers 512MB of RAM memory. If the specification of this phone is not enough to impress you, then you will be blown away by its gorgeous looks. The use of Super AMOLED technology on the screen not only ensures the phone is slim, but also that when in use colours are vivid and images look crystal clear, thanks to the 480 x 800 resolution. Despite offering a plastic black cover, it is still finished well with all edges neatly rounded off and the screen taking up the entire front of the phone. And at 129 grammes, despite offering a 4 inch screen, the phone is as lightweight as you are likely to find.

The Google Nexus S will win many admirers for its looks, but dig a little deeper and everything about this handset impresses, from specification through to its extensive list of features.

The Google Nexus S and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are available now.

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