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The Excellent Nokia X5 Boasting A Square Design And Various Colour Options

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2011 23:46 GMT

The Nokia X5 looks like a typical fashion phone to the naked eye, its square shape a welcome break from the host of bar shaped phones available. Delve a little deeper however and you will find that this attractive model is more than a pretty face, and is actually a good quality smartphone with great media features. So could this be the model that is the perfect compromise between looks and functionality?

Typically, when a handset offers a more compact design, something is sacrifced, and more often than not this is text input with keys becoming more cramped and screens becoming smaller. The X5 has overcome this issue my making this phone a slider design, meaning tucked away beneath the screen there is a fully functioning four row Qwerty keypad. Yes this adds a little depth to the unit, but considering the benefits that it brings this can easily be forgiven. The size is not the only eye catching feature of this model, design wise it is very neat, and upon release will be available in blue, green, pink and purple colours as well as the traditional graphite black. Such a range is going to make this phone hugely popular with the younger market as well as females looking for a stylish yet small phone to slip into a handbag. Despite being essentially a messenging device, it is hard to see the X5 competing head to head with the likes of the Blackberry Pearl 3G, these handsets appealing to the more business orientated user. The front of the device gives you a high quality screen and a row of five keys. The screen is 2.36 inches in diameter, and offers a good image both on graphics and photographs thanks to a 320 x 240 resolution, similar to models such as the E5 within the current range. The keys beneath the screen are the centrally placed directional pad, flanked by start and end call buttons, then towards the perimeters of the model the home key and an always useful music key which instantly accesses your audio files.

Symbian as an operating system is well established now, so when using the Nokia X5 it feels familiar. A choice of homescreens are available, from the more complex and cluttered to the basic form which offers you pretty much nothing except a small bar and your wallpaper. All of the homescreens can be customised to suit. In its most basic form as a mobile phone, the X5 offers clear sound quality during calls, and the in built phonebook is as simple to use as any other you will encounter. Names are listed either by surname or first name and be searched by you starting to type the name you require, with contacts being eliminated as you do so. As a media device the X5 is excellent, audio playback is great and the camera function offers a super 5 mega pixel image quality.

The Nokia X5 takes what is a respectable smartphone and livens it up with a modern shape and a range of funky colours.

The Nokia X5 and the Google Nexus S White are coming soon

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