The “Fine” print - Eco friendly solutions at Precision Printing

Press Release   •   Nov 23, 2010 04:51 GMT

UK 22nd November 2010th _We are now living in an environmentally conscious world. Companies are trying to do their part to minimize their carbon footprint and make sure that they processes do not aggravate the conditions of the world. Companies are starting to move to better business processes and capitalize of earth saving methods. In the digital printing industry, one premier company offering such offerings is Precision. This is a UK based printing company that provides printing on demand services in a wide range of companies. They use various methods and processes that are earth friendly and can address various aspects of the job.

Inks: Precision uses earth-friendly inks. For their lithography, they use vegetable ink which is more Eco-friendly than other variations of inks. Inks today have been formulated to provide equal amount of brilliance yet ensuring that the amount of ink is controlled to maximize the use of the product. Various printing tools also utilize better ink management systems compared to the past. Cartridges have been made more streamlined to ensure less wasteful use of materials. They also use various inks that are not toxic or do not cause any environmental damage in the process of creation.

Paper: the use of paper has been around for a thousand years and thousands of trees and kilometers of forests have been deforested because of this. Recycled paper has become the norm for many and new processes for making paper have also developed along the way. Pulping paper is one example using hard wearing material that can last for months. With the use of this paper, marketing printing will last for months, before it finally wears off and disintegrates. These technologies in making paper have become the trend for many and companies like Precision are catching on the trend.

Energy efficiency: printers have come a long way. Industrial printers used right now are more environmentally friendly by making sure that energy usage is at the optimized levels. Printers are now becoming more Eco-friendly but the quality of prints is better than ever. Printer manufacturers are finding ways to streamline industrial printers and companies like Precision are also maximizing work processes to ensure better output and not sacrificing quality. It is necessary to improve equipment use to ensure more efficient use of electricity. Precision is even accredited for Eco-friendly work procedures and use of materials.

Quality printing is not done by merely setting a printer in best quality. There are a lot of processes that are involved and printing companies like Precision are doing their best in giving the most impeccable service for their clients. Aside from that, they also use the best possible Eco-friendly inks, papers, equipment and processes to ensure high grade printing services. Their dedication for the environment is very apparent in their processes. It is necessary for modern companies to ensure Eco-friendly processes in the business. Without these processes, it would not be possible to move further to better business options. If you are looking for really high quality and earth friendly printing services, Precision is the best one that can provide such services for your needs.

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