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"The Giants" wins the Church of Sweden's Youth Film Award

Press release   •   Mar 19, 2012 14:07 GMT

Three survivors in the award-winning film "The Giants". Photo: BUFF (the image is cropped).

The Church of Sweden's Youth Film Award 2012 has gone to "The Giants", directed by Bouli Lanners. The prize money of SEK 50,000 was presented this evening by the Bishop of Lund, Antje Jackelén.

"The Giants" (original title "Les Géants) is about two brothers aged 13 and 16, who find themselves alone out in the country one summer. Abandoned by their parents, everything gets out of hand. Together with a friend, they take themselves off in a car and get into mischief. In order to bring in some money, they rent out of the family home and move into the summer house which is standing empty.

The jury's verdict was as follows: "With the use of magnificent photography and impressive acting, The Giants tells a bittersweet tale about three survivors. We are drawn into an borderless landscape where the boys' adventures are depicted with a creativity free of prejudice and full of humour, and where there is no lecturing from grown ups. The result is an infectious feeling of release and faith in what is precious in life."

You can see a trailer for "The Giants" HERE.

This is the sixth year running that the Church of Sweden has participated in BUFF, the International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmö, by presenting its own film award. The jury this year was comprised of:

Beatrice Lönnqvist, chairperson of the jury and a diocesan curate who is coordinator for issues concerning confirmation candidates and young people in the diocese of Stockholm. One aspect of her job is to head the network Sho, which monitors youth culture. Tel. 0702-164005.

Nils Lundström is a teacher and musician at Kraftstationen, a diaconal centre for young people in central Malmö which is run by the Church of Sweden.

Alexandra Therese Keining, film director, made her breakthrough last year with the acclaimed film "Kyss mig" ("Kiss Me"), which portrayed a love story between two women.

Erik Bäfving, film director, received the Church of Sweden's Culture Stipendium for 2010 for the short film "Dagar emellan" ("Inbetweener"), about a teenager coming to terms with his father's suicide.

The Church of Sweden's Youth Film Award is presented for films showing high artistic quality and suitable for use in the youth work done by the Church, and which highlight existential and social issues and also issues of justice in a way which touches children, young people and adults alike. The Award has the joint backing of the Church of Sweden at national level, the Diocese of Lund and the Malmö Association of Parishes.

Read more about the Church of Sweden's film work here.

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