The History of Converse infographic

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 16:40 BST

Instantly recognizable, and one of the world’s most popular sneaker brands; Converse are loved and worn all over the globe.

As a homage to the ‘chucks’ they all love and wear around the office, London-based infographic designers infogr8 have released an informative and engrossing visualization on the history of Converse, from their creation in 1908 to the present day, whilst highlighting some of its adventures along the way.

As the saying goes; fashion may fade, but style remains, and Converse have held strong over their 104-year history, with more than 550 millions pairs of All Stars – one of their most popular styles – produced since 1917. This is the equivalent of two pairs for every man, woman and child in the USA, so it may be unsurprising that over 60% of Americans either currently own, or have owned in their lifetime, at least one pair of Converse.

The infographic also analyses the change in the price of Converse over the years. In 1908, they would cost you just $1. Nowadays, for some of the most exclusive styles, you could be looking at shelling out up to $200 for a pair!

The brand has developed and adapted over the decades, making footwear for soldiers and pilots during the Second World War, creating ski boots for the slopes in the seventies, and introducing its ever-famous basketball shoe in 1986. These basketball shoes have shown their adaptive ability, with the company making custom sizes for a number of top players, including Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dwayne Wade.

Quite what Marquis Mills Converse, the company’s founder, would have thought of the fake (according to The Converse Blog’s James Martin) high heeled range is unclear, but one thing’s for sure – more than a century on, his ever-reliable Converse are still standing the test of time.

Infogr8 are a team of data research, interactive designers & content distribution specialists across traditional and new age media. 

The infographic design agency was formed by two experts in their respective fields, with Stefan Bayley having honed his craft at The Telegraph/The Times and Richard Silvester Cert DigM having worked on global campaigns with Sony music. Infogr8 have recently become residents at the London Google Campus focusing on visual tech projects and collaborative support across it's startup member base.