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The HTC Desire S – Taken From The Best And Made It Better

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2011 23:35 GMT

When Android phones come to mind, it will be hard to live up to the award winning HTC Desire. HTC has come up with a number of innovative handsets such as the 7 Pro and the HD 7. However, none have lived up to the Desire’s achievements as of yet. Now, you can enjoy more from the handset and more. Prepare to enjoy the best Android has to offer with the HTC Desire S.

Once you compare the two handsets, you may not notice any difference. Both phones come with 3.7 inch displays that can deliver resolutions of 480 x 800 pixels in 16 million colors. If you look closer, you will notice a slight difference in weight and dimensions. The Desire weighs in at 135 grams, 119 mm in height, 60 mm width, and 11.9 mm in thickness. Its S version weighs in at 130 grams, 115 mm in height, 59.8 mm in width, and 11 mm in thickness. It is slimmer and lighter compared to its predecessor.

When it comes to high-speed internet capabilities, both versions will allow you enjoy high-speed internet. However, the HTC Desire S allows you to enjoy bandwidth of up to two times more. The phone of the year is capable of downloading at speeds of up to 7.2 mbps and uploading at speeds of up to 2 mbps. Its S version is capable of downloading at speeds of up to 14.4 mbps and uploading at speeds of up to 5.76 mbps. As you can see, the Desire is now much faster when it comes to internet capabilities.

When it comes to hardware, both handsets come with the same 1 GHz processor and dedicated GPU (graphics processing unit). When it comes to software, you will enjoy more from the S version. It comes with the most up-to-date OS Android has to offer. This is the Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread). With this OS, you are sure to enjoy faster web browsing, more compatibility to downloaded apps from the Android Market, smoother multi-tasking, and better energy efficiency.

With all of these upgrades, the Desire has now evolved. With the HTC Desire S, you get a smartphone that was taken from the best and made even better.

The HTC Desire S and the HTC Incredible S are scheduled to be released sometime this 2011.

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