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The HTC HD Mini Available Now

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2010 19:29 GMT

The HTC HD Mini, as the name suggests is a compact handset. Weighing just 110 grammes and measuring 103.8 x 57.7 x 11.3 mm, the Mini certainly is compact, but still manages to squeeze an impressive 3.2" screen within its diminutive frame. This capacitive touchscreen is very responsive and displays a fairly impressive HVGA resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Perhaps not quite small enough to satisfy the hardened fashion phone fans and not quite powerful enough for the smartphone addicts, but a real happy medium for your average phone user.

The surge in popularity of the modern smartphone has gone hand in hand with the boom in size of the modern day mobile phone. Gone are the days of the micro flip phones, however many consumers would like the modern day technology squeezed into a more pocket friendly chassis. Enter the HTC HD Mini, the handset attempting to bridge this gap.

One of the main attractions of HTC mobiles is there superb user interface, labelled as HTC Sense. The UI is one of the more important aspects of mobile handsets, governing how the user navigates menus and how these menus look. Sense was developed for mobile phones running both Android and Windows Mobile, and aims to make the users content on the handset as personal as possible. For example, when you look up one of your contacts, rather than displaying just a contact number, a whole overview of your conversations is displayed, regardless of whether they were via e mail, text, telephone or even social network status update. The Friend Stream aspect of the UI is also appealing to many a modern consumer. This simply groups together all of your social networks sites for easy and instant updates.

Being a Windows Mobile device, the HTC HD Mini benefits from the addition of windows media player which allows playback of a variety of media formats including photographs, audio files and video. The 512MB of memory built in to the phone however is not substantial enough for most multi media use so the addition of an SD card would be advisable. This would allow for the memory to be expanded up to 32GB, plenty of room to store these files. With regard to photograph, a 5 million pixel snapper is also built into the handset, this features, autofocus and a widescreen photograph format. On the connectivity side, The HTC HD Mini has 3G connectivity, enabling the user to connect to the internet whilst on the go, this is also backed up by the inclusion of WiFi, ideal for web browsing in hotspots or when at home and connected to your own router. The Mini also features Bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate, for easy transfer of data between handsets or for connection to additional equipment such as bluetooth headsets.

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