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The HTC Sensation And The LG Optimus 3D-An Introduction

Press release   •   Jun 04, 2011 19:23 BST

Taiwanese firm HTC has steadily built a reputation for innovative and high quality mobile phones over the past three years with excellent models such as the Desire and the Legend amongst the handsets they have produced. Their latest offering, the Sensation, is firmly aimed at people requiring the ultimate smartphone experience thanks to its specification which overshadows many phones that are currently available. There is however a new kid on the block in the form of 3D technology and a number of phones are now sporting this exciting new system. Amongst them is the LG Optimus 3D which is another high end handset, but does this new technology propel the phone ahead of the Sensation in terms of appeal to the consumer?

An area where the LG does have an edge is when it comes to the design of the phone. Whereas HTC may produce phones that boast great functionality, LG have nearly always produced handsets that undoubtedly look great and the Optimus 3D is no exception. Like the Samsung Galaxy S2 the phone has replaced curves with a much more angular design which echoes many of the tablet devices which are currently available. In terms of size there is very little difference between the two models with the LG being slightly larger and heavier, but this is compensated by the sleek design. Having said all of this the HTC Sensation is by no means an unattractive phone. It follows on from many of the brands other handsets with curves and metallic effects which make it pleasing on the eye, it is just that the model does not jump out at you in quite the same way as the Optimus 3D does. Despite both boasting 4.3 inch displays, the HTC Sensation comes out on top in this area thanks to a combination of great resolution at 560 x 940 teamed with the latest S-LCD technology that offers vast improvement over traditional LCD displays. LGs decision to fit the Optimus 3D with a TFT display as well as a lower resolution at 480 x 800 means the HTC comfortably outshines it in this department.

Although both phones run on the Google Android operating system, the fact that the HTC Sensationcomes with the 2.3 platform out of the box is a nice touch. One of the main attractions of Android is that the system offers simple and fluid multi tasking facilities. Where 2.3 offers improvement over 2.2 is that it enables the user to use an application management suite which offers full control over what programs your phone is currently running. These menus really do offer an in depth guide into how much demand is being placed on various elements of the phone with readings for both battery and processor usage for every program that is currently running. LG fans will be pleased to note that despite the Optimus coming with 2.2 Android installed there will be an update made available for 2.3 putting the handset on a par with the Sensation in this area.

The HTC Sensation and the LG Optimus 3D are undoubtedly top end mobile phones and there really is very little to choose between the two models, with the LG being the most pleasing on the eye but the Sensation offering a higher grade of technology, despite the LG offering 3D facilities.

The HTC Sensation and the LG Optimus 3D are available now.

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