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The HTC Sensation Goes Head To Head With Its Sister Model The Desire S

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2011 21:11 BST

HTC hoped for great things from their latest Desire S handset. The phone itself is the replacement for the original Desire handset that proved such a hit with consumers and industry experts. Sinces its release however other manufacturers have been releasing some remarkable high specification phones such as the Samsuung Galaxy S2. In response to this HTC have launched their own heavyweight in the shape of the Sensation, the brands new flagship model. So is it worth spending a little more on this new model or is the Desire S adequate for the average phone user.

It is obvious that the Sensation is going to come out on top of this battle thanks to its remarkable specification, but the question is exactly how do these extra facilities benefit the average consumer to warrant the higher initial cost of the phone. Screen size is an area where the two models sport quite a difference. Whereas the Desire S has pitched itself directly in line with the likes of the iPhone 4 with its 3.5 inch screen the Sensation has upped the ante by going for a very large 4.3 inch screen. In terms of the respective quality on these two displays there is very little to choose between the two as both units use the same S-LCD panel to produce vivid colours and a great clarity of image. Although the Sensation weighs in with a high 540 x 960 pixel resolution this additional quality is required because of the larger screen. Although the Desire S sports a lower 480 x 800 resolution the smaller screen means that it looks equally as clear as the higher specification model. So with little difference in quality the consumer must really weigh up whether they want the more compact design of the Desire S or the larger Sensation which may be better suited for a range of multimedia uses.

In the power department the HTC Sensationboasts it real party piece in the shape of a 1.2Ghz dual core processor. These two cores ensure that the handset operates at a great pace but the Desire S is certainly no slouch. With a 1Ghz Scorpion processor and 768MB of RAM the phone will please even the most demanding of users. Larger displays can show up more imperfections in picture quality and for this reason HTC have opted to fit an 8 mega pixel camera in the Sensation rather than the 5 mega pixel facility offered on the Desire S. Working on a similar principle to the screen resolution the two resulting images look similar in quality on both devices although the extra punch packed by the Sensation means if these images are transferred to a larger screen the extra quality will become evident.

Although the HTC Sensation beats the Desire S in nearly every area of its specification the resulting differences are not hugely apparent as this additional quality is needed thanks to the Sensations larger size. What it all boils down to is whether the consumer want a high quality phone in a compact size or a powerful multimedia device that is not as easy to slip into a pocket or bag.

The HTC Sensation and the HTC Desire S are available now.

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