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The HTC Sensation XE-Many Benefits Form The New ICS OS

Press release   •   Mar 17, 2012 16:57 GMT

Back in December 2011 Samsung launched the excellent Galaxy Nexus device. This superb handset was the first phone to be launched with the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android operating system installed. Since the release we have heard of several new models such as the HTC One X being launched with this package but their are still thousands of people who own a premium 2011 device and are patiently waiting for this software to be made available in the form of an update. It now seems that the HTC Sensation XE will be the first model to offer this facility.

The OS update for the HTC Sensation XE has begun in some countries such as Germany so we can expect the rest of Europe to follow very soon with the US welcoming the update later on in the year. If you own one of these devices and are unsure whether the new download is available there is a simple method of checking by using the handset. If you look under the Software Updates section of the Settings menu the update will be listed if it is available. The file is over 300MB in size however so it is worth ensuring that you have a WiFi connection if you do not want to use a large amount of your monthly data allowance. It is not only the operating system that will be updated as part of this package but the download will also upgrade the Sense user interface to version 3.6. A number of other manufacturers are keen to release the update for their customers and the next company in line look to be Samsung who are looking at an April launch for users of their popular Samsung Galaxy S2 device.

The new operating system update for the HTC Sensation XEwill bring a number of improvements to users of this model. The software is the first version of the popular platform that has been designed to be used on both mobile smartphones and tablet devices. A new type of font has been developed for the software that works very well on the high resolution displays that many modern phones like the Sensation XE can offer. This means that the interface will be more visually appealing than devices that offer the older version of the software. There are also a number of improvements in the performance department. The model will offer more intuitive multi tasking and navigation while notifications and folders will offer a new and improved layout that is more interactive than than ever before.

The HTC Sensation is the first of many devices that we expect to see updated to the Ice Cream Sandwich platform over the coming months. Users of this excellent phone will benefit in a number of key areas from this impressive piece of software.

The HTC Sensation XE and the HTC Sensation XL are available now.

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