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The HTC Sensation XL And The Desire HD Do Battle

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2011 15:46 GMT

In October 2010 we saw the launch of the HTC Desire HD. This model was groundbreaking at the time as it was the first phone from the brand to offer a screen larger than 4 inches. Quite rightly this model became a huge success with consumers and is still a very popular model. One year later we have seen the HTC Sensation XL launched, the latest large screened device from the brand. We look at these two models and see how technology has progressed over the last 12 months.

The key aspect of both of these models is their large screen size which will attract the attention of multi media lovers wanting to use their device for movie playback and gaming. The Desire HD uses a 4.3 inch display which is now a fairly standard size but at the time of its release was the largest screen available. This screen can display a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels which is actually exactly the same standard as is offered on the new Sensation XL. Despite offering the same quality of resolution the new Sensation XL actually uses a newer form of screen technology with S-LCD rather than the LCD format used on the Desire HD. This means than picture quality is better on the new model with more vibrant colours and better viewing angles. Despite offering a much larger screen the newer model is actually slimmer than the HD thanks to the screen technology. The S-LCD display does not only offer picture improvements but it is also a physically slimmer display as the touch sensitive panel is incorporated into the screen rather than on a separate sheet. The result of this is that the XL measures just 9.9mm in depth compared with the 11.8mm of the Desire HD.

An area where some even bigger improvements have taken place is with the chipsets offered by both models. The HTC Sensation XLuses a very powerful set up that includes a 1.5Ghz processor and an Adreno 205 GPU. The Desire HD does use the same GPU but its Scorpion processor is 500Mhz less than the new model at just 1Ghz. This does mean that there are noticeable differences in performance speed between the models with the XL proving lightning fast when performing a variety of tasks. Media features have not really progressed to much over the past year so both phones offer both HD video capture and 8 mega pixel photograph resolution. There is a difference however when it comes to a front facing camera as only the newer handset offers this facility. This means that the Sensation XL is capable of making video calls from applications such as Skype.

It is interesting to see how far technology has progressed over 12 months. At the time of its release the Desire HD was ahead of its time in terms of specification and the model is still a very capable device. The progress made in screen technology and processing however makes the HTC Sensation XL a superior model in a number of different areas.

The HTC Sensation XL and the HTC Desire HD are available now.

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