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The HTC Wildfire offers Facebook integration as does the HTC Desire

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2011 12:01 GMT

The HTC Wildfire has a Facebook integration as does the HTC Desire offering you seamless and fast interaction with friends right from your own phonebook. There is also other social networking integration such as Twitter, as well as a multiple account supporting and easy to use email client and text and multimedia messaging. 
The handset includes a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with flash and automatic Geotagging of photos and videos as they are captured, the same is also offered by the HTC Desire respectively. Connectivity includes Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate as well as microUSB 2.0 offering file sharing, and the USB offering easy syncing with a Windows PC. There is also the A2DP wireless stereo headset profile for listening to music, and other audio, should you want to do so wirelessly, without using standard headphones and the 3.5mm audio jack plug offered. As well as the Music application there is also live music and news via the internal FM radio, both of which also feature on the HTC Desire likewise.
The Wildfire has some great special features regarding its ringer. The ringer is able to lower its volume  when you pick up the handset for an incoming call, and should you place it screen side downwards, the ringer mutes completely. You can also use the App share feature to share great apps and widgets you have downloaded from the preinstalled Android Market, and caller IDs also tell you if its someones birthday based on their Facebook. All of these features are also present on the HTC Desire and various other handsets, in addition the phone also includes a built-in dimple flashlight and full support for Adobe Flash applications, while the main web browser is also capable of rendering full HTML pages onscreen.
The phone as with the HTC Desire also, has an internal GPS antenna which enables it to offer impressive location based services through the preinstalled applications of Footprints for full turn by turn navigation from A to B, and also Google Maps for basic directions and onscreen maps in detail, along with places of interest and local amenities. Facebook Places and other location based services are also available. 
The HTC Wildfire is a compact and well designed phone with a 5 megapixel camera for video recording and photo capture, along with impressive location based and social networking facilities. It also has a powerful Android operating system and the Sense intuitive user interface allowing you to seamlessly use its well designed and productive features.

HTC Wildfire
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