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The HTC Wildfire S And The Samsung Galaxy Ace Do Battle

Press release   •   Jun 09, 2011 15:11 BST

The battle at the top end of the smartphone scale is often fascinating and always well publicised. Everyone knows of models such as the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 and know what areas are better on each respective handset. Look beneath these top of the range models however and there are masses of handsets vying for public attention. These models may not boast the same amazing specification as their big brothers but still offer great functionality and often look superb thanks to their more compact dimensions. We take a look at two such models here in the HTC Wildfire S and The Samsung Galaxy Ace, devices that are normally overshadowed by the more illustrious Sensation and Galaxy S2 models.

Both of these handsets offer relatively small displays compared to what you may find on higher specification models. Resolution is exactly the same on both of these handsets but thanks to the HTC display measuring just 3.2 inches as compared to the 3.5 inches found on the Galaxy Ace images on the Wildfire S do appear clearer. This is thanks to the higher density of pixel that is packed into the display. What also helps contribute towards the clear display on the HTC is the high quality TFT screen which is further helped by being constructed from special Gorilla glass. This chemically toughened glass boasts great resistance to scuffs and scratches and thus helps the phone look in top condition for much longer. In all honestly the specification of the screen on the Galaxy Ace is pretty identical as it is also a TFT display with a scratch resistant screen. The Wildfire S chassis measures up smaller in terms of overall dimensions thanks to the compact screen. Depth and width measurements are similar but the overall height of the phone is over 11mm less making it a better option for people looking for an ultra compact phone.

Neither of the phones are going to rival the dual core processors found on many new top end models but they do however both pack in chipsets that are more than adequate for their diminutive size. The HTC Wildfire Sincorporates a 600Mhz chip which despite sounding quite lightweight handles every task the handset asks of it with ease. The Samsung Galaxy Ace impresses slightly more however thanks to a Qualcomm MSM7277 chipset which includes both a 800Mhz processor together with an Adreno 200 graphics accelerator. Both of the models run on the Android operating system but on slightly different versions. Whilst the HTC is fitted with the Gingerbread 2.3 the Samsung offers a slightly more dated 2.2 platform but it is refreshing to note that this will be upgradeable to bring it in line with the Wildfire S.

If you are looking for a functional and compact smartphone that does not break the bank then both of these phones should fit the bill. They are evenly matched in most departments and whilst the HTC may just edge the competition in terms of screen quality the Samsung makes up some ground thanks to its more impressive processor unit.

The HTC Wildfire S and the Samsung Galaxy S are available now.

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