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The HTC Wildfire S provides a 3.2 inch touch display for Android and Sense

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2011 10:27 GMT

The HTC Wildfire S offers a 3.2 inch touch display for Android and Sense running side by side and offering an intuitive overall experience which includes integrated social networking and more. The handset also has an impressive 5 megapixel colour camera with auto focus and flash for video and photo taking.
The phone includes a 600 MHz processor to power the operating system alongside the support of 512 megabytes of random access memory respectively, similar to the HTC Desire, and also 512 megabytes of read only memory for fast access to the phone book and other regularly required items. For further memory and storage of media and new apps from Android Market there is a microSD card slot offering up to 32 gigabytes of swappable memory to utilize. The handset includes simple touch controls on its 3.2 inch display with 320 by 480 resolution as with the HTC Desire.
The Wildfire S includes a 5 megapixel colour camera with flash and auto focus software which enables you to capture special meanest in photo or video format. These can then be instantly shared with friends through the integrated social networking offered by the Friend Stream app which, as with the HTC Desire and other HTC handsets, provides integrated Facebook and Twitter with your phone book contacts. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy them on the handset itself after capture, or use the connectivity of the handset to sync them to a computer with the microUSB or wirelessly share through the Bluetooth 3.0 offered.
The handset additionally, as with the HTC Desire includes an integrated GPS receiver which along with the digital compass provides impressive location based services through apps such as Google Maps or HTC Footprints for turn by turn navigation. The handset also has music playback through its integrated music player app and besides the 3.5mm audio connector there is also the A2DP Bluetooth profile for wireless stereo headset connectivity. Other features include both portrait and landscape orientation of the touch display along with fast and easy web browsing capabilities and more. You also have up to 7 home screens to customise as you wish with different widgets, shortcuts and themes.
The HTC Wildfire S is a a compact and powerful Android handset with a delightful 3.2 inch touch display and featuring the intuitive Sense user experience allowing you to move around the phones software with ease. It also has an impressive 5 megapixel camera for video recording and photo taking.

HTC Wildfire S
HTC Wildfire

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