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The iPhone 4 offering a robust display with multitouch functionality

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2011 12:35 GMT

The iPhone 4 provides a robust display with multitouch functionality allowing you to easily move around the impressive iOS 4 operating system and user interface, as well as all the apps which you will probably download from the integrated App Store, similar to Android Market offered on phones such as the Motorola Atrix.
The phone provides a full iPod offering a one-stop place for all of your music, and allowing you to view albums with artwork, create playlists, shuffle tunes and more. There is also the photos app for viewing all the photos you upload, and Videos for videos uploaded respectively, as well as the photos and videos which you capture of course, using the phones impressive 5 megapixel camera. The camera allows you to capture great video in High Definition quality, as well as taking still images from great events with friends and family, or simply having fun with the camera. As with other handsets, including the Atrix from Motorola, the handset also includes a front facing VGA camera for self-portrait pictures made easy, and of course video calling which is done through the integrated FaceTime app.
The iPhone features a 1 GHz A4 processor chip, similar to the Motorola Atrix also with its Nvidia 1 GHz processor respectively, also allowing it as with this phone to easily power multiple apps at a time, while this phone also allows you to easily organise apps through the new Folders feature. Simply hold the home screen until the app icons begin to wobble and then drag and drop which ever you want into the automatically created folder area, which also names itself automatically according to the genre of apps, although still allows you to name the folder personally. Other apps have also now got improved features and run faster on this than previous models due to the software upgrade that has been committed to by Apple. As with most smart phones now, the handset also comes with an internal Assisted GPS receiver, as does the Motorola Atrix for example, allowing it to provide great location based services through again, the preinstalled Google Maps respectively. 
The iPhone 4 is a well designed and more robust handset than its predecessors as well as being able to offer even more in the way of functionality and apps from the App Store. It now also provides an easy means to organise apps, and allows multitasking making its easier than ever to use.

iPhone 4
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