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The iPhone 4 provides HD video recording as does he Samsung Galaxy S

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2011 12:16 GMT

The iPhone 4 offers HD video recording as does he Samsung Galaxy S with its 5 megapixel camera and LED flash for light enhancement. The handset also features an impressive new operating system in iSO 4 which is able to create folders to organise apps and multitask too.
The phone features a high resolution Retina display which offers a stunningly sharp display with the highest pixel resolution of any other handset currently available, although close contenders include the Samsung Galaxy S which provides a Super AMOLED crystal clear display also. The handset features onscreen keyboards and specialist input methods allowing for easy use and working of the intuitive user interface offered, making it simple to use forms on webpages in the Safari web browser featured, as well as write emails and more. Images are also extremely vivid as are videos when played back on the large 3.5 inch display with multitouch technology.
The iPhone now also provides a new FaceTime app which allows you to utilize both its rear facing 5 megapixel camera along with the front facing VGA camera to make video calls, features this time equal to other handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S respectively. The main rear facing camera is also great for High Definition video recording on both handsets, as well as capturing greta photo shots, aided by the LED flash and the capturing software for both still pictures and video clips.
The handset now includes multitasking functionality with the new iOS 4 operating system which allows you to use one app at the same time as others, and keeps an app in the same place while you move off to use another. This is great for listening to the iPod while you write emails  and surf the Web all simultaneously. Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S also have this functionality, and as with the iPhone and its App Store, include Android Market where more apps can be downloaded and added to the handset for further resources and further customisation of the handset respectively, 
The iPhone 4 is a highly capable phone which now features an LED flash alongside its powerful camera for HD video recording as well as still image capture. It also now has multitasking which has quickly added functionality that handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S had previously held over it. Meanwhile, the handset has still move the barrier for other handsets with its stunning display and still mighty powerful operating system and number of apps available.

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