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The iPhone 4 – The One Of A Kind Handset

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 15:10 GMT

In the smartphone arena, there is one handset that is ahead of the rest when it comes to popularity. This is Apple’s iPhone 4. It opened numerous doors when it came to mobile technology. It came with features and capabilities we never thought possible.

There have been other handset models that bear similar looks and features to the iPhone. These are the Samsung Galaxy S, the Google Nexus S, and the HTC Desire. However, the smartphone by Apple still leads the race when it comes to demand and popularity.

When it comes to apps, the phone will make you enjoy all the apps found on the App Store. With these apps, you are sure to make the phone more to your liking. You can install apps that speak more about you. From games to books, from entertainment to information, and from business to self-enrichment, there are so many apps that you can make use of that is exclusive to this phone.

Audio quality while on a video call is like none other on the iPhone 4. It comes with not one but two microphones. The main microphone was built for calls, memos, and voice commands. The secondary microphone makes calls better. It suppresses unwanted, distracting, and background sounds. Sounds like loud sounds, music, and other conversations. This will make both parties on the each side of the line hear each other better.

There is more to the smartphone’s touch screen than meets the eye. It comes with innovative multi-touch software that allows you control and navigate through the phone with just your fingertips. If you thought this touch-sensitive glass was vulnerable to scratches, bumps, pressure, and drops, think again. The phone is protected by Gorilla glass technology. This glass can take a lot of pressure and is highly scratch resistant. Furthermore, this glass remains clear and lustrous no matter what abuse it endures.

The phone comes with a processor unique to Apple. It comes with the 1 GHz A4 processor. With this powerful processor, it multitasks without straining the battery. You get power and energy efficiency in a slim and tough package. This is what puts the iPhone 4 in a league of its own.

The iPhone 4 is also available in white with the iPhone 4 White.

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