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The iPhone 4 with iPod for music as the HTC Desire HD

Press release   •   Feb 14, 2011 12:11 GMT

The iPhone 4 includes iPod for music as the HTC Desire HD also includes a Music app to allow you to enjoy all of your sorted albums with cover flow and playlist creation. The phone also features a 5 megapixel camera and LED flash which lets you capture both photos and videos in HD.
The handset has the new iOS 4 operating system and is now capable of multitasking, allowing you to run multiple apps simultaneously and without loosing your place in one to use another. This is similar to other handsets running Android, such as the HTC Desire HD which also offers great multitasking functionality, and as with this handset is supported by a powerful 1 GHz processor, along with impressive battery life. The new iOS 4 operating system also includes Folders which enables you to organise your apps together into self-selected categories so you can find them more easily.
The iPhone has a really easy to use email client Mail, which enables you to configure multiple email accounts and easily send and receive emails from friends and family. Additionally, it also has a unified messaging editor for both text and multimedia messaging which makes it quick and easy to communicate with friends form anywhere too. The HTC Desire HD also has both easy email and messaging features and as with this handset, includes fast text input through the intuitive onscreen keyboards offered on the large touch display offered.
This handset also provides great search functionality through its Spotlight feature which enables you to search all of your phone quickly, and the Web as well, enabling you to save time looking for emails, messages or any other types of file. The App Store meanwhile allows you to download more apps to the phone to provide you with more resources and offer customisation of what the phone does for you. Similarly, the HTC Desire HD and other Android handsets have Android Market for downloading new widgets and apps. Both handsets also feature music players, 5 megapixel cameras for video recording in HD and photo capture and location based services, along with social networking integration.
The iPhone 4 is a sleek and impressive handset which offers a powerful operating system combined with relative and fully compatible hardware to ensure that both work together seamlessly to power multiple apps and the overall user interface and iOS featured on the phone. The handset also has many new features including Folders for app organisation and an LED flash for improved camera quality.

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