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The iPhone 4S Emits More Radiation Than Other Top Mobile Phones

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2012 09:53 BST

I know that you still remember the days when everyone was so concerned about the health hazards of using mobile phones. There are some that says it can actually cause brain tumors. Now, because of these, handset retailers were mandated to post specific radiation numbers for each of their handsets. Sadly, that order was repealed. To this day, there are still a majority number of people who wants to know if their chosen mobile phone units are safe. The SAR of Specific Absorption Rate will tell you how much radiation your body can get from a handset. You have to get a lower number on this one. The lower the number is, the better and safer it is for you. 

Recently, a company called tawkon produced a document that shows the amount of radiation emanating from different mobile phones of today. According to the said infograph, the iPhone 4S releases about 3 times the amount of radiation than the amount emitted by its biggest competitor the Samsung Galaxy S3.

An App for SAR was offered by Tawkon for the Apple App store, to simply warn people about radiation levels from their chosen device. Now, Apple removed the said app from their App Store saying that people are not interested in the said app. There are rumors about the said removal because it did not present the iPhone 4S well in the said ratings. The good news is that this app lives on and you can find this in the Google Play Store where avid Android users can be warned about radiation. This is also a free app for people who are using Android 2.1 and higher Android OS.

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