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The iPhone 4S Said Goodbye To Its SAR App

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2012 09:37 BST

Tawkon produced a document that shows the numbers of radiation emanating from mobile phones today. The said inforgraph showed that the iPhone 4S emits 3 times more radiation than the new Samsung Flagship the Galaxy S3.

If you look back, an application for SAR was offered by Tawkon to the Apple App Store. The goal is to simply warn people about the radiation they are getting from their handset. Suddenly, Apple forced the removal of this particular App from their App Store citing that people are simply not interested in using the application.

Now, rumors are now surrounding the said forced removal of the app from the App Store. People are now saying that maybe it’s because of the results with the iPhone 4S getting 1.11 w/kg and the Galaxy S3 getting 0.34 w/kg only.  If you look at the numbers, you’ll see that the iPhone 4S emits a lot of radiation than the Galaxy S3.

Is the forced removal of this App a good strategy for Apple or not?

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