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The iPhone 4S-What Office Programs Should You Download

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2011 14:08 GMT

Not content with being a leading handset in the consumer marketplace the iPhone 4S is fast becoming the phone of choice for the corporate sector as well. We take a look at some of the applications available that help turn this phone and the iPad into the perfect working companions.

The QuickOffice Pro HD program is the ideal feature for anybody looking to compile spreadsheets, presentations and text documents whilst on the move. Although Apple themselves do offer individual programs that perform such tasks many users prefer this application as all three can be done with the one program. QuickOffice also has the edge over similar programs developed by Apple as it uses an industry standard format so no conversion is needed in order for the files to be shared with other devices. Plaintext is another application that is perfect for people who use their handset for compiling text documents. This facility is perhaps the most simple one you will ever encounter on your phone. The program is stripped of all font options, rulers and tools which leaves you with just the words you require on the screen. The key factor with Plaintext is that you can concentrate purely on typing as every time you pause your work is saved on a cloud system which is synchronised with your PC or MAC. The simplicity of this program is what makes it a winner as you can focus your thoughts entirely on typing whilst your phone backs every thing up.

The Notes application which comes installed on the iPhone 4Sis great for saving a shopping list but for anything a little more complex the Evernote application is an essential download. You can type the minutes of a meeting or the agenda for a forthcoming presentation and the program will save it to the developers servers. This enables the user to access their work from the web, via the iPhone app or from a desktop application they have downloaded. The feature enables you to save your work into different folders and every note is indexed and filed in chronological order. This feature is a perfect tool that can assist professionals from many different types of industry. The final application we would like to highlight is the superb Dropbox. This feature is a storage tool ut it really comes into its own when you synchronise the application on your phone with your PC. This means any work you do whilst on the move using Dropbox related programs will be stored on your hard drive when you return to the office. Not only does this feature save time by reducing the need to transfer files but it is always great security should you ever lose your iPhone or iPad as your work will be safe.

Application such as the ones we have talked about above are one reason why the iPhone 4S has become such a hit with business users. With technology advancing all the time expect to see many other great applications released in the coming months.

The iPhone 4S and the HTC Desire S are available now.

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