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The iPhone 5. The Next Best Thing?

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2012 10:40 BST

So the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been and gone and even with the huge build up it was still a very exciting day when it was officially announced, but now the novelty has worn off, everyone knows what it does and you can get your hands on it right now.

So what is next? What do we have to look forward to now? Well with rumours flying about for some time it seems the Apple iPhone 5 is going to be the next best thing. Rumoured to be released this year we d not have much of a wait to go. Although nothing has officially been confirmed or announced by Apple everyone has their opinion on what it will look like and offer, and we are still not sure if it will even be called the iPhone 5, or even be released for that matter. 

After Apples recent dispute over the domain name '' and their victory in taking over the domain name it seems to make sense for the next Apple to have this name, as it will follow on the trend and they did not fight for the domain name for no reason. 

With hundreds of rumours flying around about the next iPhone we can only really keep an open eye and just wait to see what the next iPhone will actually bring. As stated above Apple have confirmed nothing yet so the rumours really are just that, rumours. Things that people have predicted or something they have caught sight of that makes no sense to any other Apple out, nobody can clarify where their predictions have actually stemmed from they just think they have the specs.

iPhone 5 Accessories have also been a huge talking point among the rumours with some saying that the next iPhone Accessories will make every other obsolete at sizing will be different. But again just a rumour there is nothing to confirm that. and we can only really wait to see what accessories will come along with it.

Regardless of what the next Apple brings no doubt it will blow everyone away and the hype will continue to grow until its release. Then after its release al we have to wait for is the day we can get our hands on our own and then again we will move onto the next best thing. The Mobile industry is among the most brutal out there and when one mobile has had its time, it really is time to move on. 

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