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The Latest Windows 7 Handset From HTC-The 7 Pro

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 17:22 GMT

The new 7 Pro handset from HTC, like its name suggests, is a Windows 7 handset but one pitched more towards the business user by virtue of the full slider design Qwerty keypad that is incorporated. Windows 7 brings a vibrant and new operating system to this handset, one that the excellent 3.6" display is perfect to display.

Rather than the traditional arrangement of icons and horizontally scrolling homescreens that have become familiar thanks to the likes of Android and the Apple operating system, Windows offers a vertical scrolling arrangement that is made up of a series of tiles. The advantage of this arrangement is that the tiles are large areas able to give you a host of information straight to your homescreen. Incoming messages, appointments and friends status updates from social networking sites can all be simply viewed without accessing any menu or application. These tiles are also known as hubs, and some of these will appeal to the modern phone user. The picture hub for example not only enables you to view your own gallery, but also view and comment on photos posted by friends on Facebook. The office hub will be of particular to many users of this phone as the physical keypad tends to attract its share of business orientated users. From this section users can view and edit a range of Office documents. This homescreen is very plain but bold in its design, and thanks to the 480 x 800 resolution on offer with the 7 Pro, it looks streets ahead of what other operating systems can offer. The screen is a capacitive TFT panel with the ability to support multi touch, enabling effortless zooming on more detailed areas of text.

The HTC 7 Pro is certainly a handset that is laden with features. They are similar to the HTC 7 Trophy and the HTC Mozart, thanks to Microsofts strict guidlines on what the phones can offer. One area where it is different is the prescence of a physical keypad which flips from beneath the screen, ending up in such a position that it is perfect to place on a flat surface, making the phone almost like a miniature laptop. Media features are very good. The in built camera offers a high quality resolution of 5 mega pixels, whilst the process of actually capturing a photograph is aided by features such as an autofocus, face detection and an LED flash. Should you want to capture video footage, this also impresses thanks to its ability to shoot 720P high definition footage. The HTC 7 Pro maintains all the great features you would expect from a high end smartphone, yet with the added bonus of a keypad, giving this handset a really broad appeal.

The HTC 7 Pro and the HTC Smart Pink are available now.

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