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The LG Optimus Me – An Android Smartphone You Can Call Your Own

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2011 17:06 GMT

LG has created a number of handsets that are dependable and full of features you are sure to enjoy. This can clearly be seen in their Optimus series. These handsets have certainly taken the mobile world by storm. The 7 is one of only a few Windows 7 smartphones. The Black will be the slimmest smartphone when it hits the market soon in 2011. The X2 will be the first smartphone to process applications using a 1 GHz dual-core processor. When it comes to creating quality handsets, LG is on the top of the list. Now, there is another handset that will join this popular series. This is the LG Optimus Me.

This handset may not come with the more powerful features the phones in its series have to offer. However, if you are looking for basic Android functions, this is the smartphone you have been looking for. One of its key features is its Android 2.2 Froyo OS.

When it comes to mobile operating systems, Android has opened a number of possibilities we thought only possible in our dreams. It has made the internet more accessible. It has made the web much faster. It has made multitasking on a device that fits on the palm of your hand possible. There are so many advantages to making use of this OS.

The main function of the Me is to allow you to browse the web on the go. No matter where you are, the phone will allow you to visit your favorite websites wherever you may be. Thanks to the Froyo, you will have access to more than a million websites that rely heavily on flash-based applications and HTML 5. Its browser is fully integrated with Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML 5. This simply means that you will quick access to dynamic websites such as popular social networks, RSS feeds and so much more. If there is a flash-based website out there, the Me is sure to be able to access it.

For some of us, accessing the web at all times is the most essential. This is exactly what the LG Optimus Me has to offer.


The LG Optimus Me and the LG Optimus Black are handsets soon to hit the market in 2011.

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