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The logo competition to commemorate the 100th birthday of Thor Heyerdahl (1914 – 2014) has a winner!

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2013 13:55 GMT

In 2014 activities and exhibitions to commemorate the 100th birthday of Thor Heyerdahl 1914-2014 will be organised by the Kon-Tiki Museum and The Thor Heyerdahl Institute.
The logo competition is one of the activities. The logo will act as the official logo. Deadline was November 1st.

We have received more than 89 contributions from all over the world, USA, UK, Spain, Malaysia, Azebadijan, Australia, Latvia and Germany. 

The winner is Daniel Brox Nordmo, he will receive the first prize of 10 000 NKR. The winner will not obtain further compensation than the first prize amount of money.

The jury`s favor of contents

The winning entry is clearly without confusing elements. The logo is elegant and accentuates Thor Heyerdahl seagoing expeditions using the clear sail. With his prehistoric expeditions he showed that early humans mastered sailing before the saddle and wheel.

Jury: Cory Grier, Art director, Artworx, Olav Heyerdahl jr, Grandson of Thor Heyerdahl, Erling Storm, board member of Thor Heyerdahl Institute, Project Manager Tonje Renate Rogstad Husa, Thor Heyerdahl Institute, and Marketing and Communication Manager Halfdan Tangen jr, The Kon-Tiki Museum

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