The London Serviced Apartments Short Stay – Great for Business, Good for Pleasure Too

Press release   •   Mar 22, 2012 11:32 GMT

A London serviced apartments short stay is ideal for conducting business – for conference attendees, for example, or for teams pitching for new business. It’s also ideal for short breaks and holidays – particularly for celebratory occasions where a hotel room is a bit too impersonal.

A London serviced apartments short stay offers you all the comfort and convenience of home, plus a few extras – like weekly cleaning and clean linen whenever you want it – in the kind of location you would usually expect to pay a fortune for, or to stay in a hotel. Businesses like serviced apartments because they let their employees develop a real team spirit while they relax in an environment they can control – and holidaymakers or the celebrants on a special weekend love them because they give you the chance to really live in the city you’re visiting.

Quite a lot has been written about the London serviced apartments short stay and its great effect on businesses, so it will be mentioned only briefly here. Suffice it to say that a London serviced apartment, in its informality, provides the perfect release from the pressure cooker scenarios of conferences and pitches in the big city.
Companies have only recently come around to the idea that employees can actually work better when they get the chance to express themselves more naturally – a London serviced apartments short stay means every employee can be himself or herself, let it all hang out, once the working day is done. That’s much more conducive to productivity than rattling around in a tiny hotel room and going out to dinner at fancy restaurants.

Holidaying families and couples get the best of city life when they can enjoy a night in, in the heart of things, as well as a night out. A serviced apartment means you can stay home and cook a relaxed meal, rather than blowing a load of your budget on a restaurant meal – or simply avoiding having to eat out every night and getting bored of it all.
When you are away from home for pleasure purposes you can peak too soon or try to do too much – and often that’s an effect of the fact that you’re staying in a hotel. We all do our best in the hotel environment but ultimately we end up feeling that we have to get out, go around and about to prevent ourselves from being in there too long. And why is that? Because the hotel, unlike the London serviced apartment short stay, is an unnatural place to be in however you dress it up – and so there are quite a few people who don’t really like it.

The London serviced apartment short stay is about relaxing, being yourself, enjoying good times with your family and friends (or colleagues). Cook dinner in your pyjamas with your favourite DVD on in the background. Invite friends over to share the experience of living in Central London for a couple of nights. Go out on the town and enjoy not having to get very far at the end of the evening!

Life doesn’t always have to be regimented – and often the best fun and the most creativity arrives when it isn’t. So next time you need to be in Central London for a night, or for a few days, why not think about a London serviced apartment instead?