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The New Gratia From HTC - Available SIM Free

Press release   •   Feb 18, 2011 14:04 GMT

The HTC Gratia is a step away from the high end handsets that the brand have become synonymous with, and instead focuses on the more mid range end of the market, and in doing so have produced a superb, inexpensive phone.

Whilst the price is certainly going to appeal to most people, the features will certainly make this model a hit amongst teenage consumers thanks to its eye catching design and above all else its excellent social networking features. These include various methods of accessing the information you require. There is the obvious method of logging into the application, however the Gratia features some much more intuitive methods than that. This is thanks to the always excellent Sense user interface, which simplifies the way you use the phone. Thus by accessing the "Friends" widget, information from all of your social networking accounts is pooled together in one place, making not only viewing it an easy affair, but also posting your own updates. The handsets phonebook also merges with information drawn from such sites, so when calling a friend you can see their latest Tweet or update. Sense also simplifies the basic homescreen, so rather than having to scroll through all seven, you are presented with a simple overview from which you can select the one you require. Media features are more akin to what you would expect to find on a top end phone. The camera facility takes snaps in a resolution of 5 mega pixels, the same as the HTC 7 Pro, however the video mode does not quite live up to the high definition standards that are offered on more expensive devices.

The HTC Gratia is a well designed mobile phone that feel well built and particularly lightweight at just 115 grammes. The unit looks good, just like other popular models from the brand, with the emphasis on this particular model being its compact size. In order to make this unit smaller than the average smartphone, the screen has been scaled down in, which also contributes toward the lower cost of this phone. At just 104 x 58 x 12mm, this unit will definately appeal to those wanting all the functionality offered by larger Android phones such as the Desire HD, but in a smaller package. The screen itself can display an adequate resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, which given the reduced size of the display offers good quality images. The phone incorporates a still camera facility of 5 mega pixels aided by Autofocus, and offers ample storage capacity by virtue of the micro SD card slot that is fitted, enabling cards to be added up to 32 gigabytes. The HTC Gratia takes the superb build quality normally associated with the brand, and squeezes it into a compact and desirable phone that will appeal to consumers everywhere.

The HTC Gratia and the Acer Streamare available now.

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