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The New HD7 From HTC - Available On O2

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 11:03 GMT

With the launch of the Windows 7 mobile platform from Microsoft came a bevy of new handsets covering all areas of the market. The HD7 from HTC if firmly aimed at people using their handset as a media player, whilst the large screen on offer also lends itself perfectly to extensive web browsing.

The HD7, like many of it predecessors is a great looking phone, with the manufacturers allowing the 4.3 inch display not to be to much of a hindrance my making the body that surround it as minimal as possible. Thus at 122 x 68 x 11.2mm dimensions, the phone remains the perfect size without ever feeling to large to be practical. Weight wise the phone was never going to be a feather weight, but the 162 grammes on offer is reasonable enough. With a screen as large as the one on offer here, this model was always going to appeal to multi media fans, and HTC have acknowledged this by adding some neat little features. For example, the stereo speakers are not housed at the bottom of the phone as is found on the iPhone 4, but one at the bottom and one at the top. This means when the phone is used in its landscape mode, which inevitably it will be for movie playback, the stereo sound experience is improved. This is also further aided by some impressive features such as Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround which further add to the overall audio experience. If you are watching movies, then you do not want to be holding the phone for long periods, so the presence of a kick stand is welcomed and altogether a thoughtful addition to the overall package.

The HTC HD7 offers a great user experience when browsing the web. The phone is able to connect via 3G, so when you are on the move you can still achieve extremely fast data transfer speeds. Ultimately however, WiFi offers the best experience when you can connect to an available network. The screen found on this model further improves the online the experience. Not only is its size impressive, but at a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, you can be assured of web pages that maintain a similar quality to what you would expect on a laptop computer. Throw into this equation a 16 million range of colours and you have a display that excels in all areas of use. The camera facility keeps up this high standard by capturing photos at a quality of 5 million pixels, whilst also offering capture of video footage in 720P high definition. Those who love to browse the web, or indeed people who are looking for a phone that excel in the multi media area will love the HTC HD7 with its excellent new interface and stylish looks, which is now available on the O2 Network.

The HTC HD 7 and the HTC 7 Pro are available now.

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