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The New HTC 7 Pro Released On The Orange Network

Press release   •   Feb 10, 2011 14:37 GMT

HTC have unveiled yet another handset running on the new Windows 7 Platform from Microsoft. The new HTC 7 Pro can be easily confused with the HTC 7 HD in terms of names, but upon looking at these phone you will see that they are different animals all together, with the pro trading the large screen experience given on the HD for a full Qwerty keypad that will delight messaging fans everywhere.

The phone sports the same 3.6" display that is found in some of the manufacturers other handsets, however lurking beneath this display is the high quality keypad. Immediately appealing to your typical Blackberry consumer, the keypad offers well spaced out key thanks to the large screen enabling a larger keyboard than can be found on many phones. The mechanism that enables the keypad to flip out from beneath the screen feels both sturdy and well built, something you expect of HTC, and when this action is fully executed, the screen also tilts at such an angle that the phone can be easily placed onto a desk or table to type. This design also lends itself well to viewing video files on the phone. The phone also offers two virtual keyboards on which perform well thanks to the excellent capacitive touch panel. Not only is this the perfect messaging handset, but it is also well suited to people who need to compose or edit documents whilst on the move, and the phone enables you to read and amend your Microsoft Office files and also offers full synchronization to your outlook inbox. The screen can show a resolution of up 480 x 800 pixels which rivals models such as the Samsung Galaxy S. AN accelerometer chip performs the essential auto rote functions, whilst the pinch and zoom method can be used thanks to the screen offering multi touch facilities.

The HTC 7 Pro is quite a chunky handset as you would expect from any model boasting a full keypad. At 15.5mm in depth, it is a good 6mm thicker than some of the slimmest handsets available, however, anybody who requires the functionality offered will say that this is a fair trade. Overall the handset still manages to fell both comfortable and compact, with the weight of 185 grammes giving a sense of robustness to this model. A factor that really impresses with both this model and other handsets in the range is the excellent speed at which it operates. A 1Ghz processor can be thanked for this, along with 578MB of RAM. Like others Windows 7 handsets, there is no micro SD cards slot, thus you are limited to what storage capacity comes with the phone, which in this case is 8GB, making the phone less suitable for multi media fans, however these people would be more likely to opt for a model such as the Desire HD or the HD7. The HTC 7 Pro perfectly merges all the gloss of the excellent new operating system with the practicality offered by a physical keypad, resulting in a handset that will appeal to both more traditional users as well as those looking for more of a business phone with a twist. The HTC 7 Pro is available on the Orange network in the UK.

The HTC 7 Pro and the HTC Gratia are available now.

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