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The New HTC 7 Pro-The Perfect Business Smartphone

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 17:21 GMT

HTC have always appealed to the general smartphone fan, however there new model should pave the way for some new followers. The HTC 7 Pro not only runs on the new Windows 7 operating system, but also offers the functionality of a full Qwerty keypad.

This should make this new phone perfect for the business user, given the support of Microsoft office documents. In terms of size, from the front the HTC 7 Pro follows the same pattern of many of the more recent smartphones before it. A 3.6" display is fairly standard, and given that the phone does sport the slide out keyboard, this is really as large as HTC dare make the screen. The keypad found on this model is responsive, with an arrangement of keys that is well spaced out and very responsive. This is not only going to appeal to business users, but the younger generation who like to use instant messaging services. Where the HTC has an advantage over the likes of Blackberry is the excellent smartphone functions coupled with the glossy new interface. The keypad itself feels solid, and when it is flipped out from underneath the screen the mechanism is smooth. When it is fully applied, the screen is left at and angle to the keys, meaning that the device can easily be sat on a desk to make typing easier, almost like a miniature laptop. This also comes in handy when viewing media on the phone. There are instances when you may not want to deploy the keypad, thus the screen does offer a standard virtual variety as well as another Qwerty version when it is held in landscape mode. Business users will appreciate the Microsoft Office compatibility, enabling the simple editing and composition of documents, whilst the phone can also link to your Outlook to keep you up to date with your inbox.

When in the palm of your hand, the HTC 7 Pro feels comfortable. Despite its weight of 185 grammes being a touch on the large size, this doe make the device feel well built. The overall dimensions of the device are 117.5 x 59 x 15.5mm, which will never win any sizes for compactness, but on the same token they are not excessive in any way. When you fire the phone up, the thing that immediately strikes you is the speed at which the phone functions, from simply scrolling the homescreen to browsing the web, the 7Pro uses its 1Ghz processor to its full potential, giving you a very satisfying user experience. A total of 8GB internal storage is available on this model, perfect for storage of photographs taken on the handsets 5 mega pixel camera, which can also shoot high definition video footage at a rate of 720P. The HTC 7 Pro is the perfect addition to HTC's range, offering a great model to business users and messagers alike, whilst the attraction of the new OS should also please many potential consumers.

The HTC 7 Pro and the Dell Venue Pro are available now.

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