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The New HTC HD7 Available On O2

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 11:02 GMT

If you are looking for a handset running on the new Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft, and also one with a large screen perfect for multi media usage and web browsing, then the HTC HD7 is the perfect handset for you.

The HD7 is now available on the O2 network in the UK. Of all of the handsets launched with the new OS, it is undoubtedly the HD7 that catches the eye. At 4.3 inches, the screen size does sit on the boundaries of being over sized, however HTC get it just about right by making the chassis that holds the display minimal. The fact that this model is suppled with its own stand illustrates that it is being pitched at those wanting to view movies or such footage on the device. The phone handles MP4 and WMV files and also features some impressive features in order to improve the sound coming through the speakers. Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround enhance the audio to give perhaps the best mobile experience of its kind. Should you want to stay a little bit more private, a 3.5mm headphone jack enables you to listen through a variety of headphones. The screen itself, despite not being AMOLED does a great job with the TFT technology it supports, offering a massive 16 million colours as well as a high resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The large screen displays websites brilliantly, with graphic appearing clear and thanks to the size large portions of the page remaining visible. You will find yourself using the zoom function less than ever, however should you need to increase the size a little, the excellent pinch and zoom method is facilitated, giving a fast and accurate zoom.

Overall, the web browsing experience on the HTC HD7 is a pleasent experience. The WIndows 7 browser is good, thought the lack of Flash support does not make it the best browser ever. The pages do load quickly, and thanks to the phones superb connectivity options, getting a signal should never be a problem. Like all of the top smartphones, including the other big Windows 7 model, the Samsung Omnia 7, Wireless LAN in supported by the phone. This enables connection to a WiFi network, with all three current speeds supported. Whilst on the move, the user benefits from being able to connect to the 3G network which offers the best speeds available, and there is ample back up in the form of EDGE and GPRS should you be out of range of a 3G network. Like other models on this OS, there is no expandable memory slot, being the user needs to look after the internal storage available, which at 16GB should prove plenty for the majority of users. The HTC HD7 benefits from a good, large screen along with the enticing new platform to offer user a complete experience on a stylish handset from a brand now firmly established as one of the very best available.

The HTC HD 7 and the Google Nexus S are available now.

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