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The New HTC Incredible S Released On O2

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2011 10:42 GMT

Part of the new "S" series of handsets released by mobile phone giants HTC is the impressive looking Incredible S.

The phone not only sports and impressive array of features that will keep most users happy, but it also features the new "inside out" design that allows the user to see the contours of some of the internal elements of the phone. The look of this model is certainly eye catching and does make the Incredible stand out amongst both its sister models as well as its competitors. The rear panel of the phone has a matt black finish, in stark contrast to the gloss that accompanies many handsets, this makes the model look both understated as well as classy, and the brand have gone as far as even blacking out their own name. This look will appeal to many people, especially those looking for a phone with style as well as substance. The back shell also has contours that outline some of the inside parts of the phone, this is very subtle, yet adds to the appeal. Flip the handset over and you are faced with a screen that entirely dominates the front panel. At 4 inches, the screen pitches itself somewhere between the regular smartphone offerings such as the iPhone 4 and the giant screens found on models such as the HTC Desire HD. This is no bad think, certainly clarity on the screen is superb, thanks to S LCD screen technology along with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and the capability of handling up to 16 million colours. Beneath this impressive display are four touch sensitive Android keys that illuminate when the phone is in use.

As a multi media handset, the HTC Incredible S is really well equipped. Camera wise the phone pitches in above the industry standard with a facility capable of capturing images at 8 million pixel resolution. This feature also benefits from the presence of both a dual LED flash as well as an autofocus, helping to ensure you pictures always look as vivid as possible. The video capture is equally as impressive, with the phone boasting high definition recording at a frame rate of 30 per second and resolution of 720P. With regards to storage capacity, the phone is fairly limited with just 1GB of space, however HTC are hoping you will utilise the micro SD card slot which enables cards to be added in sizes of up to 32GB. The HTC Incredible S strikes a perfect balance of high end smartphone functionality coupled with a classy and modern look that ensure this model should prove as popular as other offerings from the brand such as the Desire and the Legend. The Incredible S has been released on both O2 and Vodafone in the UK.

The HTC Incredible S and the HTC 7 Mozart are available now.

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