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The New HTC Incredible S Released On Vodafone

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2011 10:44 GMT

HTC have added a new line of models to their ever growing range of mobile handsets. The "S" range of handsets include this exciting model, the Incredible S, a phone that is elegant yet cutting edge in terms of design, with some super specification features thrown in for good measure.

Whereas many brands attempt to jazz up their models by adding a metallic finish or other elements that break up the finish on the phone, HTC have kept things simple here by doing the exact opposite, and blacking everything out. This finish, although more subdued, really gives the phone a touch of class . The back panel even features the brand name in a black finish. A striking feature of this back panel is that it has a contoured finish that outlines some of the internal components of the device. This is not instantly noticeable, but does make the phone look quite eyecatching. Turning the model over and looking at the front side, like many models the screen takes up the majority of the space available, with just a tiny area left available for the earpiece and secondary camera lens. The screen seems the perfect size for the modern smart phone at 4 inches, admittedly not the largest but offering a good compromise between the huge screens such as is found on the Desire HD and the smaller screens found on many other models such as the Wildfire. Using S LCD technology, the screen offers great clarity thanks to a resolution that measures 480 x 800 pixels, with all of the usual great features included such as multi touch and a capacitive touch panel.

The HTC Incredible S offers a relatively small internal storage capacity of just over 1GB, this however is counteracted by HTC including a microSD card slot. This slot accepts cards with storage capacity up to 32GB, allowing plenty of room for the storage of audio, photo and video files. With regards to the camera, images are captured at a high quality 8 million pixel resolution, 3 million pixels higher than many current models. The phone can geo tag photographs and also features a handy image stabiliser to ensure your snaps are clear even when the camera is not totally still. Video wise the resolution is equally as high quality, with the phone offering high definition footage at a resolution of 720P. The audio facility are comprehensive, so much so that the phone could easily be used as a stand alone music player, complete with 3.5mm headphone jack and FM radio tuner. With the Incredible S, HTC have not only managed to produce a model that will win people over with its high specification, but the looks alone are enough to establish this handset as a clear winner with the general public. The HTC Incredible S is available on both Vodafone and O2.

The HTC Incredible S and the HTC Desire Z are available now.

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