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The New HTC Sensation XE Boasts Several Impressive Music Features

Press Release   •   Nov 10, 2011 19:15 GMT

The smartphone world has recently seen several handsets released, aimed at slightly more “niche” markets than the majority of handsets. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover which is aimed at those who want a rugged, hardwearing smartphone, and the HTC Salsa which is pitched at social networking enthusiasts.


Now, HTC has released the Sensation XE. This is an upgraded version of the popular HTC Sensation, which is the manufacturer’s latest flagship smartphone. It is aimed at music fans, with a number of neat features perfectly cater to this demographic.


So what exactly does the HTC Sensation XE offer its users in terms of music features? In this article I will provide an overview of why this is a great handset for those who like to store and play music on their phone...


Beats by Dr. Dre

Hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre has released his own line of premium speakers and headphones, under the branding “Beats Audio”. HTC recently invested $300 million in the company to take a 51% share. The HTC Sensation XE incorporates this technology, giving it what is undeniably the best sound quality of any smartphone to date, and we can expect to see this in more and more new HTC releases. The handset comes with enhanced built in speakers, along with a set of Beats braded earbuds.


Battery Life

The HTC Sensation XE has also seen a number of other upgrades which enhance its credentials as a music device. One of the most important issues regarding this is battery life. This has been somewhat enhanced to cater for longer periods of music playback. This is one of the major issues many people have with smartphones, and HTC has cleverly recognised this and offered a solution.



Additionally, the HTC Sensation XE has more internal storage than the original HTC Sensation. With 4 GB available (along with enhanced RAM), users can store more music tracks in their phone, and there is also the option of utilising the microSD slot for expanding the storage (up to 32GB). Therefore, an entire music collection can easily be stored in the phone.


As you can see, this version has been upgraded to provide great music playback, but the enhancements don’t stop there. General performance has also been improved thanks to a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor (making it the most powerful smartphone currently available in terms of processing power). This means that more efficient multitasking can be carried out; for example playing music whilst carrying out other tasks such as browsing the internet or writing a text message.


Also, the styling has been slightly tweaked to set this phone apart from the standard Sensation. It has red illumination on the capacitive Android shortcut key rather than the standard white, with red detailing on the speakers and Beats Audio branding on the back.


If you like to play music on your phone, then there is no doubt that the HTC Sensation XE is the perfect choice. The standard HTC Sensation is a very impressive handset, but with the upgrades offered by the Sensation XE, HTC are surely onto a winner.

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