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The New iPhone 4S And Some Must Have Cooking Applications

Press Release   •   Nov 27, 2011 21:06 GMT

Thanks to the wonderful iTunes store the new Apple iPhone 4S is a phone capable of performing hundreds of different tasks. On of the more popular types of application available on this model are based on home cooking. Thanks to the phones large screen and excellent memory consumers can now use their phone as a virtual recipe book for all types of dish. We take a look at some of the very best cooking applications that are available for this model.

The new Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals app is the best program of its kind and it is also one of the very best overall applications available on this phone. Every recipe that is featured has step by step instructions and is accompanied by a high quality video. This means that it is suitable for people of all different standards as the playback can be paused and resumed at your own pace. 60 different dishes are included which is not the largest number available but they all look superb. On every single recipe there is a tab present at the top of the screen which enables you to adjust the recipe to feed four people rather than two. The Jamie Oliver application is not one the cheapest available but it is certainly the best.

If you want an excellent cooking application that is not going to cost you any money then there are some excellent options available. The Whole Foods Market Recipes app proves excellent value and offers hundreds of dishes complete with attractive illustrations. A great element of this program is that each recipe can display icons which give you lot of information about the dish. There are icons present for gluten free recipes and vegetarian options and these should prove useful to anybody who has special dietary requirements. There is also an area of this application which enables you to list the ingredients that you currently have and the iPhone 4S will then suggest meals that incorporates these foods.

The iPhone 4Sis the perfect kitchen assistant thanks to it durable high quality display. The glass that the phone uses is chemically treated which means that it is resistant to scratches and easy to wipe clean if any stray ingredients find their way onto your handset. The high quality speakers that the phone uses are very clear and also very loud which means instructions can be easily heard over the noise from kitchen appliances.

The iPhone 4S is great for a variety of uses thanks to the large volume of applications that are available. The apps that we have highlighted here are the best from a huge number in the cooking category and should help you cook restaurant standard food in your own home.

The iPhone 4S and the Blackberry torch 9810 are available now.

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