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The New Motorola Atrix - Raising The Bar For All Future Smartphone

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 12:06 GMT

Motorola have built a reputation for releasing high quality and innovative mobile handsets. At first glance, the new Atrix may not look too spectacular, but dig a little deeper and it sooms becomes clear that this handset may very well be the future of mobile phones.

The Motorola Atrix is not dissimilar in looks to many mainstream phones available such as the Nokia N8 or the HTC Desire HD. The majority of the fascia is taken up by the screen, which is in this case a large 4.3 inch affair. Asides from this, there is very little else on the front which is pleasing, as anything more may have pushed this handset into the "to large to be practical" category. As it stands, the dimensions of 117.8 x 63.5 x 10.1 mm make this phone very streamlined for its size. Turning the phone over, the black plastic back feels slightly cheaper than metallic alternatives, but still remains robust and eye catching. Taking a look at the screen and this is where the Atrix starts to stand out from the crowd. Motorola have opted to fit a screen on this model that shows a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, eclipsing most other top end phones such as the Nokia N8 that offer 480 x 800 pixels. Coupled with a capability of displaying up to 16 million colours, you can be asured that the Atrix offers one of the very best screen performances, with only the renowned display found on the iPhone 4 boasting a better specification. If you are looking for a real large screen experience, then you can take advantage of one of the docks available for this model. The multi media dock links up with your home television to give HD footage, and also offers 3 additional USB ports for the connection of keyboards and a mouse. This transforms the phone into an impressive media centre.

The Motorola Atrixis an incredibly fast mobile phone. From the most simple tasks such as scrolling through the home screens to more complicated multi tasking facilities which leave one feature running whilst another action is performed, performance is lightning quick. A high speed dual core processor is fitted in this model, which along with 1GB of RAM ensures the very best user experience. The chipset is clocked at 1Ghz whilst the phone also sports a reasonable storage capacity for all manner of data at 16GB, with a micro SD card slot enabling this to be increased by up to 32GB should you require it. As a web browsing tool, the Atrix sports all of the connection options you could want including WiFi, 3G, EDGE and GPRS, or for the ultimate browsing experience you can utilize the stunning laptop dock. This converts the phone into a quality laptop by adding a large screen, keyboard, speakers, trackpad and second battery into the equation. Touches such as this make this phone different from any other. The Motorola Atrix boasts an array of features never before seen on a mobile handset, however this is not at the expense of performance, with the result being a super fast model that will amaze both you and your friends.

The Motorola Atrix and the Samsung Galaxy Mini are coming soon.

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