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The New Xoom From Motorola-The Best Tablet Device To Date

Press release   •   Feb 10, 2011 20:09 GMT

The latest tablet device to enter the market place comes from Motorola in the shape of the new Xoom. Boasting a great quality large screen and revamped Android OS, this looks set to be the model to grab the headlines over the coming months.

Last years best selling tablet was the excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab, however this latest offering hold two big advantages over this model. Firstly with regards to size, the Xoom sports a 10.1 inch display which eclipses the Tab and even outshines the famous iPad. Some may argue that this makes the unit less portable, but in all honestly it is an acceptable trade off for the glorious images it displays, especially with the brilliant new OS. With a screen of this size, it is vital that resolution is equally as impressive, so the 1280 x 800 pixels that is on offer here is pleasing. The capacitive display offers a great responsiveness. The other huge bonus over the Samsung model is that the Xoom is the first model to sport Android 3.0 honeycomb, the OS that offers all of the benefit we know and love about Android, but customized for the bing screen experience. Icons look crisp and clear, and you have the option to drop and drag applications into your own folders, which looks great when the are displayed on an iTunes-esque carousel. Even some of the programs have been tweaked to accommodate 3.0. YouTube clips are displayed in a similar manner and the always impressive Google maps features 3D outlines of buildings.

The Motorola Xoom incorporates a high quality processor that is not only well equipped in terms of size, but also sports dual core properties that make it perfect for handling the multitasking facilities that are on offer here. Applications load in an instant and even performing the most simple task such as scrolling through your homescreen is satisfyingly instant. The 1Ghz chip is accompanied by 1GB of RAM memory along with a built in total storage capacity of 32GB which should prove ample for most users. Should you require extra, then the micro SD card slot enables you to double up this amount. A vital aspect with tablet devices is web connectivity, as in all fairness this is the reason many users opt for such a device. The Xoom has WiFi fitted which supports all three current recognised speeds, however should you not have access to such a network, you can still utilise the excellent 3G network. The Motorola Xoom is the most visually stunning tablet to date, backed up by impressive hardware and software.

The Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry Playbook are coming soon.

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