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The Nokia X2-01 And C3 – Affordable QWERTY

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 14:22 GMT

There are a number of advantages with handsets that come with QWERTY keyboards. When these keyboards come to mind, we often think of the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve. However, these handsets are not considered affordable. True, they come with features and hardware that is at the cutting edge of mobile technology. However, you will have to reach down deeper in your pockets to get one. With the Nokia X2-01 and C3, you get phones with QWERTY keyboards at an affordable price.

With the X2 and C3, emails will never a problem. On conventional keypads, it will take you twice the time to respond to electronic mail. With keyboards, you get to type just like you would on your computer. This means that they not only offer you typing speed: they also offer you tying ease. Typing will never feel like a chore on these phones. This time, you get to type in the entire story.

When setting up your email accounts comes to mind, you will never have problems setting everything up. With the phones, you can access popular electronic mail services with ease. You will never have any issues setting up your email. You will have everything setup in half the time, which will allow you to send and receive mail from friends, family, and colleagues.

This is the same case with IMs. Whether on Ovi Chat, Yahoo, Live, and other instant messaging services, IMs have never been this easy. On a keypad, you will not get to enjoy a complete selection of characters, numbers, letters, and symbols used in chat. With the Nokia X2-01 and C3, it is another story. You definitely enjoy chatting with family and friends just like you would on your personal computer or laptop.

Do you prefer SMS in threads? Who wouldn’t? It is a more convenient way to manage and check on conversations through SMS. This is exactly what you will enjoy on the two handsets. You get to follow the flow. You never have to go through a sea of text ever again. Prepare for easy SMS on the Nokia X2-01 and C3.

The Nokia X2-01 and the Nokia C3 are affordable full QWERTY handsets by Nokia.

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