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The personal touch is the secret to marketing success argues Rania Noumaan of Blue Branch

Press release   •   Mar 05, 2018 14:20 GMT

With five years of experience in the direct sales and marketing industry, Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan, argues that the personal touch is the secret to marketing success.

Blue Branch: About the company

Blue Branch is an Event Promotions company based in Edinburgh. Formed due to the ever-growing demand for alternative marketing strategies, Blue Branch specialise in Event Marketing campaigns, sending clear messages directly to consumers without the use of high-cost commercial marketing strategies. Each marketing campaign is delivered on a face-to-face basis, which allows the firm’s workforce to build relationships with customers from the first point of contact at event venues.

Entrepreneur and business owner, Rania Noumaan believes that it is the firm’s exclusive use of human interactions to market their client’s brands, which has been the secret to their success. At Blue Branch, the firm utilises the human element to deliver interactive and unique marketing solutions that have ‘the personal touch’. Ms Noumaan argues that there is no substitute for human interactions and that consumers crave that.

The event-marketing expert delivers marketing solutions with a smile and a handshake, utilising the human element to build relationships with consumers, instil trust and generate a high volume of quality results for clients.

“I firmly believe that people buy from people. Using In-person interactions allows our dedicated brand ambassadors to engage customers, build relationships, handle queries, instil consumer confidence and generate both quality results,” stated Ms. Noumaan.

The Blue Branch director contends that one of the significant advantages of face to face interactions is the ability to build trust with consumers. “In the digital age where data protection and security is a massive concern for consumers, using face to face interactions allows consumers to interact with a brand, enabling them to speak to a person, get real-time answers to questions and importantly, gain consumer confidence,” commented Ms Noumaan.

Since Blue Branch opened in 2014, the firm has gone from strength to strength, adding blue-chip companies to its client portfolio. Ms. Noumaan argues that the firm’s continued success is due to its high customer service standards and that it can maintain those high standards because of its focus on using human interactions.

Award-winning entrepreneur, Rania Noumaan is urging industry leaders to assign a sum of their marketing budget to direct marketing campaigns that utilise the human element.


Rania Noumaan: MD

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Blue Branch is an Event Promotions company who provide first-class brand representation for a diverse range of industries seeking to outsource their marketing services. We provide our clients with below-the-line, high impact and target marketing campaigns. We are able to provide instant results and feedback, quickly growing our client’s customer base. At Blue Branch we focus on events marketing and in-store promotional campaigns.