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The powerful taste of chocolate is a real hit in coffee

Press Release   •   Nov 01, 2010 14:06 GMT

Most people love chocolate and the majority of adults are coffee drinkers. Chocolate and coffee together enhance the taste experience as they draw out the best in each other. You could call these two flavours a "match made in heaven".

Chocolate and coffee are more than just the worlds most widely distributed and appreciated substances, they are an unbeatable combination. There are more than a few who love a piece of dark chocolate with their coffee and, if you go to the better coffee houses, this is exactly how a real cup of coffee is usually served - with a piece of chocolate on the side. This is especially true of the traditional cup of coffee which is hot, black and burns the tongue slightly.

Today the concept of coffee is considerably more revolutionary, there is a coffee culture that has spread across the world. Coffee is available everywhere, and people's expectations of the drink are only getting higher. Taste is obviously a subjective matter, and there is an abundance of ways in which this dark drink can be made and consumed. In hot countries it is common to drink iced coffee, while in colder climates it is usually preferred hot.

Espresso has really broken out in recent years, with a lot of people having their own espresso machine at home, enabling them to experiment with pressure, brewing time and different types of coffee. Espresso is the basis for most of today's best liked coffee drinks such as cappuccino and latte.

Adding flavour to coffee is an indulgence. With the sweet syrups found in coffee bars and exclusive coffee shops it is possible to create a coffee drink that tastes more like a dessert. The syrups are full of sugar and, for this reason, are usually an infrequent indulgence.

Aromhuset's coffee essences also add flavour to coffee, but without making it syrupy and full of calories. The flavours are sharper, with Chocolate being perhaps the heaviest and richest flavour of the four now being launched. The other flavours are Amaretto, Hazelnut and Vanilla. They all have distinct flavours, so there is something for every taste.

The bottles are small and contain 30 ml of essence which, if used in the recommended dose, is enough for 15 cups of coffee. Taking 2/3 of the bottle cap gives the correct dosage for one cup of coffee. A small pipette is also included for those who might want to experiment a little with the dosage.

Gert Strand, founder of Gert Strand AB, the company behind the successful Aromhuset concept, has been very thorough with the production of these four flavours. He predicts that coffee essences will be at least as successful as the 16 flavours for water he has already released. Chocolate is expected to sell especially well. Strand is also looking for more resellers for the essences which are now available to but online at

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