Lemscorp Limited

The Revolutionary & New approach to handling multiple wireless remote controls in a home

Press Release   •   Aug 08, 2015 21:50 BST

Lemscorp Ltd is launching a new brand of remote control hub with an ornamental twist that brings together 3 or 4 wireless remote controls to a single point of use without the complexity of digital technology, loss of functionality or a requirement to change user behavior.

The product closes the gap existing alternatives have failed to close such as all-in ones, caddies, stands, and armchair holders. The Lems-Hub comes in a variety of colors to suit your living space furniture and adds a customizable aesthetic experience to the way your remote controls look and feel at home.

This product is now available on pre-orders via our indiegogo campaign link on

http://igg.me/at/Cvj7sBQCHpc/x) at 33% below the RRP. 

Here you get a unique first edition gift for yourself or for your loved one for the 2015 festive season at a significant discount.

Having this product in your living space will not only be cool, but should be bringing back simplicity unto our living spaces - a statement for architects of tomorrows technology to consider.

Lemscorp Ltd is a UK based company registered in England & Wales with a primary focus on improving household consumer experience for products and services. It intends to bring the best value out of what households utilize and consume in the market place.