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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus And The Galaxy Note Prove Lightning Fast

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2011 11:44 GMT

Two new high specification smartphones have recently been released by Samsung. The new Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note devices both offer large screens perfect for a multitude of different uses. Previously we took a closer look the display technology used on both models and how the devices differed in terms of design. Here we delve a little deeper into phones and explore some different areas such as the processing power and the operating systems that both devices use.

Both of these handsets offer very powerful chipsets that enable the phones to operate at very fast speeds. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus incorporates a dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor which runs at a speed of 1.2Ghz. This speed rivals the bulk of the current smartphones available but where the Nexus is particularly impressive is in the RAM department where the handset offers a large 1GB of memory. This enables the phone to switch between applications and features seamlessly which in turn enhances the overall user experience. The Galaxy Note outclasses the Nexus in this area with a set up which makes it the ultimate phone in terms of speed. Once again a dual core processor is used but this time it is a hefty 1.4Ghz Cortex A9 chip. The large screen that this model uses is slightly more demanding on the processor but it really makes no difference in terms of overall performance. The processor is accompanied by an impressive Mali 400MP graphics processing unit which gives the model an edge when it comes to video playback and gaming. RAM memory is the same as the Nexus at 1GB.

Despite both of these models running on the Google Android operating system the phones do use different versions of the excellent software. The Samsung Galaxy Nexusis the first phone released that uses the latest version of Android which has been named Ice Cream Sandwich. This version of the platform is the first that has been designed to work on both smartphones and tablet devices. The software has undergone a whole redesign which offers both visual and practical benefits. Visually the user interface boasts a new font that looks smooth and very modern and widgets look crystal clear and inviting. From a practical viewpoint the whole user interface is faster than ever before and offers more stability. Updates are automatically installed by Google saving the user needing to manually perform this task. The Galaxy Note offers the Gingerbread version of the OS which in its day was superb but is outshone by the new version. Users still have access to the excellent Android marketplace and use of the superb TouchWiz 4.0 user interface and the system will delight first time smartphone users but the experienced user is likely to opt for the newer version.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note offer superb specification with the latter model proving better equipped for processing power but the Nexus coming out on top in terms of the software package that is on offer. Regardless of these minor differences both handsets are superb and offer great functionality and features.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy Note are available now.

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