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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus And The HTC Sensation XE Incorporate Suoper Chipsets

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2011 13:05 GMT

HTC and Samsung are two undisputed giants of the mobile phone industry and they have both released impressive new handsets in preparation for the traditionally busy festive period. Previously we took a look at the display quality and the design on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Sensation XE so this time we will take a look at the storage capacity and the processing power available on both models.

Both of these handsets take a very different approach to the internal storage capacity that they offer. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus does not offer user the option to use an external micro SD card which means that users are limited to the storage that is built in to the phone. Luckily the phone does come in two different sizes and both of these are very impressive at 16GB and 32GB. Whilst the lower capacity device should prove more than adequate for the average user those who like to make more use of the handsets media features may appreciate the extra space on the 32GB model. The HTC Sensation XE offers a relatively tiny internal storage of just 4GB and only about 1GB of this is user accessible. There is however a micro SD card slot which can accept card sizes up to 32GB giving a maximum potential capacity that is 1GB larger than the Nexus. The down side of this system is that the handset takes slightly longer to access data on a card than it does from its own memory which means that despite offering slightly less capacity the Galaxy Nexus is the better option in this area.

So far when we have looked at these models the Samsung Galaxy Nexushas tended to beat the XE in most areas but one department where the HTC has the upper hand is with its processing power. The Sensation XE sports an incredibly powerful dual core 1.5Ghz Qualcomm processor which runs as part of the MSM8260 Snapdragon chipset. This set up also includes a very high quality Adreno 220 graphics processing unit which gives the model the edge over most of its rivals when it comes to video playback and gaming. The Galaxy Nexus is slightly disappointing in this area especially as it is marketed as the flagship handset in Samsungs range. A 1.2Ghz dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor is used which is very fast but not in the same league as the HTC. This processor forms part of the TI Omap 4460 chipset which also uses a PowerVR SGX540 GPU which makes the phone great for a variety of different tasks.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Sensation XE are both premium phones that better what many of their rivals can offer. The Samsung offers the higher internal storage capacity but if you are looking for a phone that works a lightning fast speeds then the Sensation XE is the very best handset you will find.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Sensation XE are available now.

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