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The Samsung Galaxy Note And The HTC Sensation XL Both Offer Large Storage Facilities

Press Release   •   Nov 06, 2011 15:42 GMT

The size of modern mobile phones is on the increase thanks to manufacturers incorporating bigger display into their handsets. The Samsung Galaxy Note offers largest screen size to date but HTC have replied with a giant of their own in the Sensation XL. Here we take a look at the two phones to see which on is the true heavyweight of the mobile phone world.

Screen technology would be the correct place to start with these two models as it is their key selling point and the reason many consumers will opt for either of these devices. The HTC Sensation XL offers a screen that measure 4.7 inches which puts in level with the brands other large screened device the Titan. HTC have opted to use a S-LCD display on the XL which has been developed by Sony. This is one of the better technologies available and rivals the likes of Super AMOLED for performance. Resolution wise the model uses a slightly disappointing 480 x 800 quality. This standard has been used on smaller sized screens before to good effect but the result of it being added to such a large display is that pixel density drops to just 199 pixels per inch. The Samsung Galaxy Note has a larger 5.3 inch screen that uses the Super AMOLED technology which has been incorporated into previous models in the Galaxy range. Unlike HTC Samsung have wisely increased the resolution on this phone in order to maintain a high density of pixels. The 800 x 1280 resolution means that the device can deliver an amazing 285 pixels per inch which makes this handset one of the very best for image quality.

It is not only the screens which are large on these two models as both also offer massive storage capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Noteis available in two different sizes. Media lovers who want to store a collection of music and movies on their phone will love the 32GB version whilst a smaller and cheaper 16GB model is available which is perfect for the more average phone user. The HTC Sensation XL is only available with a 16GB capacity with no micro SD card slot so this is your limit in terms of capacity. The Galaxy Note does incorporate a card slot giving that handset a potential total storage of 64GB. Both of the models are similarly matched when it comes to the processor that they use. The Galaxy Note offers a dual core processor with a speed of 1.4Ghz whilst the Sensation XL has opted for a single core chip but one that is incredibly fast at 1.5Ghz. In terms of performance speed there is very little to choose betwen the two in this area but the dual cores present on the Samsung give it the edge when it comes multi tasking facilities.

If you are looking for a smartphone with a large screen then these two models should be at the top of your shopping list. Out of the two the Samsung Galaxy Note overshadows its rival thanks to its superior screen resolution and dual core processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Sensation XL are available now.

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