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The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani – The Stylish Choice

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 14:33 GMT

Samsung has created a number of innovative handsets in its Galaxy series. With the Portal, you get a solid handset with a rubberized back cover that minimizes damage if ever the phone is dropped. With the Apollo, you get an Android smartphone with a powerful 1 GHz processor. With the i9000 S, you get powerful hardware, powerful software, and all the advantages Android has to offer. This is by all means the manufacturer’s cream of the crop.

If you are looking for a stylish version of the i9000, you will find it in the Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani. It has everything you love about the S and a touch of style only Armani can bring. With the handset, you get t enjoy the best of both worlds.

Armani is one of the most renowned fashion icons the world has ever seen. The name is synonymous to quality and prestige when it comes to men’s wear. For decades, the fashion giant has been the premium choice of clothing for elite men around the world.

Now, the fashion giant and the mobile phone mogul has come together and created a phone design that will not disappoint your discriminating taste. It shares the dimensions of its original version, but it comes with aesthetic additions that make the handset a distinct fashion statement. On the top of the screen, you can clearly see the popular men’s wear brand name. On the back of the smartphone, the battery cover is covered with a checkered embossed pattern. This raises the aesthetic value of the handset.

When it comes to features, there is an additional feature the phone has to offer. On the home screen, you will find a shortcut that directs you to the fashion icon’s website. Here, you can check out what’s new, and choose to purchase clothing and accessories directly from the phone. Not only do you have a handset that is all about the popular brand name; you also get to wear clothing from current clothing lines.

The fusion of technology and fashion has never been this evident. This is the fashionable Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani.

The Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio Armani is a fashionable version of the Samsung Galaxy S.

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