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The search for a souvenir accessory that is stylish and luxurious for a Diamond Jubilee Ball! Is over…

Press Release   •   Apr 16, 2012 19:06 BST

With many Diamond Jubilee Balls happening from April onwards, it is no wonder many astute fashion high street shoppers have been searching the blogs, tweets and fashion magazines to achieve the’ right look’ to wear for this historic moment in English History.

There are so many beautiful evening gowns this season that will look absolutely gorgeous, like the Ralph Lauren’s romantic ‘Great Gatsby’ glamour look.

To accessorise your outfit, what about a luxurious, stylish, yet affordable memento, The Celebration Wrist Tie™.

Available exclusively online is The Diamond Jubilee Celebration Wrist Tie™ starting at just £3.99. Some even have Swarovski crystals, so you will sparkle too.

Every Celebration Wrist Tie™ purchased supports The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust.

A Celebration Wrist Tie™ will look beautiful, charming and is comfortable to wear all day. You and your partner can wear one each or buy them for your guests to wear at your Diamond Jubilee Ball.

Just go to www.2012diamond.co.uk  or visit our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Celebration-Wrist-Ties/271020006316014 see which one you like best for your Diamond Jubilee Ball. Happy Diamond Jubilee!!

Celebration Wrist Ties design and make their products in Britain to help British companies thrive and not get cut out of the loop, especially when international tourist events are held in the country. We donate 10% of our online sales revenue to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. Thank you for your support.