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The Smeg fab28 fridge freezer and friends – here to stay thanks to Big Appliances

Press Release   •   Nov 26, 2010 10:52 GMT

Purfleet, Essex, UK (mynewsdesk), 26 November 2010 – Style usually costs the earth. Someone should have told the family running Essex based white goods emporium Big Appliances, whose web site is currently selling a full range of the astonishing Smeg “fab” models (the Smeg fab28 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab30 fridge freezer and the Smeg fab32 fridge freezer), not to mention three serious Maytag fridge freezers, for the kind of discount prices that would have even Mr Scrooge reaching for his wallet.

How has Big Appliances managed this? It’s not the first time the family run white goods company has released a swathe of serious discounts on items that are sold for up to twice as much elsewhere. The secret lies in the origins of the company – which, as an original importer and wholesaler of American kitchen goods, has built up more than 40 years’ worth of outstanding industry contacts. Those contacts supply Big Appliances with the Smeg fab28 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab30 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab32 fridge freezer and the Maytag fridge freezers – and Big Appliances, in a philanthropic move quite unlike the behaviour of normal (i.e. avaricious) companies, passes the savings it gets straight on to the customer.

It’s good business sense, of course, in times like these – and one of the main reasons why Big Appliances has been able to move seamlessly from simple wholesale of white goods to private retail. Using its own delivery networks and discounts, Big Appliances is able to sell hugely top end products to private customers at what are effectively knock down prices (meaning that people with a mid range or low end budget can always move up a class by buying from the Big Appliances site), and then have them delivered for free, anywhere in the UK. A winning business model, and one that brings the Smeg fab28 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab30 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab32 fridge freezer and the Maytag fridge freezers to homes across the UK on a daily basis.

Big Appliances has been given the official tag of “UK’s best price” for all of its Smeg fridge freezers – meaning, of course, that you can’t find these exemplary retro beauties for a better price anywhere else in the United Kingdom. And that’s before the free delivery has been factored in. As for the Maytags – well, anyone looking to get an oversize American style fridge freezer for his or her kitchen in the next sixth months should be sitting down and holding on to his or her hat. Big Appliances is selling Maytag fridge freezers for a minimum of 38% off recommended price. The maximum discount available through Big Appliances for a Maytag fridge freezer is a whopping 52% - saving each lucky customer not much less than £2,000!

The Smeg fab28 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab30 fridge freezer, the Smeg fab32 fridge freezer – and all the Maytag variants – have never been so cheap, nor so easy to buy. Once again, the little company with big ideas has pulled of a huge coup in the white goods market.

About Big Appliances

Big Appliances is an Essex based domestic appliances retailer specializing in Range cookers and American fridge freezers, provide competitive prices through its online platform and its Hornchurch shop. It also provides a wholesale arm of its brand supplying over 100 independent retailers.

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