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The soft flavour of hazelnut turns coffee into a new taste experience

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2010 08:13 GMT

Gert Strand AB is now launching four flavours for coffee. After achieving success with 16 flavours for carbonated water the company's founder, Gert Strand, is taking a step forward by selling flavours for coffee. The four flavours in the selection are Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vanilla and Amaretto.

Aromhuset's Hazelnut flavour for coffee has a deep, nutty taste. It is mild and rich, and gives coffee a softer and slightly sweeter taste. Of the four flavours Hazelnut is the most accessible, whilst still being as rich in flavour as the other three. Those who like nougat, full-bodied and soft flavours will love the taste of Aromhuset's Hazelnut in their coffee.

Strand's ambition is to create flavours that have no negative effects on health. In most cases good flavours go hand in hand with large amounts of sugar or artificial chemical sweeteners. Neither of these alternatives is attractive to the increasingly health-conscious population of Sweden - quite the opposite as it is sugar and chemical additives that most people try and avoid. Aromhuset's products are completely free from both sugar and artificial sweeteners, and for this reason do not taste syrupy sweet, adding instead a natural sweetness.

You can even enjoy Aromhuset's lively coffee flavours without worrying about increased calorie intake - they are completely calorie free. Compared with the many syrups that can be found in the coffee shops Aromhuset's flavours are a large step forward. A syrup consists of large amounts of sugar, which means that most people either completely or partially avoid experimenting with flavouring their coffee. Now the perfect solution exists for those who are curious about adding flavours to their coffee.

All four flavours Aromhuset has developed for coffee are well balanced and give a clear, rich taste. Hazelnut is the softest and most well-rounded of the flavours, while Amaretto has the most distinctive and sharpest. Vanilla is light and sweet and Chocolate has the deepest, most captivating taste. They are all different so that there is a taste available for everybody to appreciate and fall in love with.

The coffee flavours have the same bottle as the the flavours for carbonated water. It is a small bottle measuring around 8 cm and holding 30 ml of essence. Adding the dosage is as simple as before - 2/3 of a bottle cap to every cup of coffee. These recommendations are of course very general and Strand encourages everybody to experiment in this respect and find the right measurements for themselves. A clever little pipette is also included to help in the search for your personal favourite dose. This makes it simpler to add the flavour to coffee when it is served in larger or smaller volumes than the standard cup.

Thomas Strom, salesman for Gert Strand AB, says that they are also on the lookout for more resellers for their new coffee essences. Today they can be purchased at, amongst other places,

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